The Indian Circus
A series of paintings on Society, Culture and Politics.

For centuries, Indian society has been the cradle of diversities, pluralistic tolerance, creative canvas and multi-ethnic richness. Countless languages, beliefs, ideas, practices, ethos, and religions have found their shelter in the hearts of Indian society for ages. Such diversities have not only found their shelters but also got their deserving nurture and encouragement in this society itself. This can be proven and verified by the peaceful existence of such diversities over the years and it’s reflected in our artifacts and architectures spread throughout the country. From the sculptures of the West to the handicrafts of the East, and from the monuments of the North to the folklore of the South, we find the peaceful blending of such diversities into our daily lives.

Beneath the diverse surface, one might question or contemplate that is India just a conglomeration of societies? Are her complexities just too complex? Are her gifts so unconditional? Are her contradictions too touché? Whatever line of belief one tows, one cannot disagree with the fact that India represents classical paradoxes with not just with beliefs but also with the ways our society functions.

The inspiration behind the series ‘Indian Circus’ is to explore and present the dichotomies with stoic observation, dramatic artistry, and incomparable story-telling.

The ethos behind the series is not built on a particular belief system – but on keeping yourself in front of a soul-searching mirror. With a very specific style of observation, color-sense, symbolism, and pathos – the mirror has been replicated in each of these exhibits portraying various stages of duality and pluralism of the society. Lingual hatred, communal riots, peace & war, propaganda, and conspiracies have all been incorporated vividly and empathetically.

Where’s the need? Because you need to know societal duality in this age. Because it’s a moral duty of us to let each other know and concerned. Let these collective colored brush strokes leave an undeniable impact on our hearts and minds.